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Growing up at the back end of the troubles in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Carl is fully aware of the community tensions that exist in Northern Ireland and that are still apparent in some parts to this day. Being in a cross-community marriage, himself Protestant and his wife Catholic, the Framptons are seen as figureheads for a new Northern Ireland by transcending social divides. The community that Carl lives in and the opportunities that his children have within that are extremely important to him so it was a natural next step to seek out a community organisation that would allow Carl to support the cause of anti-sectarianism and a bright future for Northern Ireland. With this in mind we guided Carl towards a partnership with Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE). NICIE supports and promotes the education of children in integrated environments, where different faiths have the opportunity to grow up and learn alongside each other day. Currently only 7% of children in Northern Ireland are educated in a non-segregated environment and the movement for integration is something Carl is passionate about promoting.

What happened

Carl is now installed as a patron for NICIE and is an energetic supporter of their work, During a busy school term, Carl accompanied NICIE on a visit to four integrated schools in and around Belfast to support the great work the parents, teachers, schools and young people are doing to help bring the people of Northern Ireland together.

During the visits, Carl engaged in a range of activities with children and young people which included being welcomed to Cranmore with a rousing rendition of “Something Inside So Strong”, signing a wall mural in Hazelwood Integrated College, meeting the School Council in Cliftonville IPS and enjoying outdoor activities and singing at Mallusk Integrated Primary School, one of the newest integrated schools.

Paying tribute to the work of all of those involved in Integrated Education, Carl said, “I am delighted to offer my public support for Integrated Education.  It’s my intention to do whatever I can in the future to support NICIE in the vital work they do with parents, schools and young people to help bring more people together in Northern Ireland and make it a better place for all of us. Today I have had the most amazing experience visiting all of these schools and meeting so many children and young people. I have been completely overwhelmed by the welcome and wonderful reception I received in each school.”

"NICIE Chief Executive Officer, Roisin Marshall said, “To say we are thrilled is an understatement.  We in NICIE are absolutely delighted to have Carl join us as a patron and it’s fantastic for us to have him showing such support for our important work. We are extremely grateful for the generosity Carl has shown us."