Our Purpose


Social purpose underpins all that we do, and our proven way of working is valued by talent and brands alike in today’s media and marketing environment. Our twenty years experience at the heart of the sport industry places us in a unique position of having a network with complimentary expertise and partners with whom we have trusted and established relationships. Plus we love what we do and we’re proud of the opportunities and positive change we help to create.

Our Philosophy

We know that talent want to use their platform for good but can often struggle to find a way to do so in a way that is sustainable and impactful. That the requests for your time can feel overwhelming, and that it can be difficult to balance the desire to give back with the realities of achieving your best on the field and creating a financially secure and fulfilling future.

At thinkbeyond Talent we don’t believe that these ambitions need to be in conflict. In fact we believe that social purpose can sit at the heart of your career. Having a clear focus on the issues you truly care about not only allows you to be more impactful, but also provides depth and identity to your personal narrative and brand, driving opportunities, and forging links with like minded commercial organisations that share the same values.

Social purpose can not only be hugely rewarding, but can also drive good business. It is something that more and more brands are realising and talent is no exception.

How We Work

At thinkBeyond Talent we can work with you in two different ways, depending on your circumstances.

If you are an individual looking for an agent and feel that we are a good fit then great! We have 20 years experience at the heart of the sport industry, looking after some of the most respected and legendary names in sport.

If however you already have a great management team around you, prefer to fly solo, or work in athlete education and development then no problem. Our strategy service is available for any individual, agent or group, that would like to more fully understand the intersection of sport and society or needs support to shape strategic direction around social cause. That could be delivering a workshop for young athletes around the importance and potential benefits of using their platform for positive social change, or working with an individual or agent to decide on a clear focus and narrative, find partners to collaborate with, set up a foundation or run a campaign.


The management agency for talent that want to build long term, valuable careers that go hand in hand with social impact.

tBT Management

The experts in providing clear direction, strategy and implementation for non-managed talent, their agents and advisors, helping ignite impactful social change that delivers on personal goals.

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Our steps to success




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Create & Ideate

We design narratives, develop ideas and identify new approaches to create long term and rewarding careers that blend good business with positive social change. By understanding your career to date, your objectives, and what you truly care about we create a strategy that allows us to build a clear identity and identify the best cause led and commercial partners for your journey.

  • Career and values mapping workshops
  • Key skill set and asset identification
  • Commercial and social strategy and narrative development
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Activate & Implement

Using your narrative as a guide, and underpinned by the values that you care about, we identify, create and manage opportunities to deliver on your objectives across the social and commercial landscape. Cause alignments, campaigns, owned projects and foundations feed a powerful identity that translates in to commercial success through our proactive development of brand and media partnerships, corporate speaking, publishing and broadcasting and licensing concepts.

  • Development and delivery of commercial, speaking and media opportunities
  • Social change partner identification and management
  • Owned project development and management
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Position & Communicate

We tell your story and build your narrative by creating a brand identity, websites, social media strategy and PR coverage. Our ability to create compelling content and messaging and build your network puts us in a position to make positive social change the driving force of your long term commercial success.

  • Brand identity creation
  • Website development and social media strategy
  • Development of media and PR opportunities
  • Networking and platform selection
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Educate & Ideate

By exploring the intersection between social cause and sport and the different avenues available to talent to create impact we help you understand the landscape, and options available. We can drill down to identify the issues that the talent truly cares about and the change they want to see in the world, identify the key skill sets and assets available to them, and design bespoke strategies allowing talent to trigger positive and sustainable social change while providing opportunities for commercial returns.

  • Social cause workshops for groups and individuals
  • Cause identification
  • Key skill set and asset mapping
  • Gap and need analysis
  • Strategy, concept and narrative development
  • Audit and analysis of existing charitable work
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Activate & Implement

We deliver on these strategies – creating compelling narratives based around a talent’s values and activity in the social space, identifying appropriate partners, developing programming, content and project managing and evaluating the delivery of any charitable or foundation initiative that may be required. With a network of over 2,600 organisations working in 154 countries in the space, we can guarantee the best delivery partner for your needs.

  • Partner identification
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Campaign delivery
  • Event design and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Revenue diversification
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Position & Communicate

We can help tell the story of the strategy through a variety of platforms. We develop and place compelling content and build networks, all while identifying thought-leadership and business development opportunities with brands that share the same values. All of which positions our clients where they need to be.

  • Content & messaging creation
  • Brand narrative development
  • Network & community building
  • Thought-leadership and platform advisory
  • Commercial development support
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