About Us


thinkBeyond Talent is an established agency with an extremely strong track record of managing and advising some of sport’s most iconic names. In close collaboration with our clients we work to develop talent brands that complement personal values and ambitions, and that look beyond the immediate to long term career development opportunities and personal fulfilment.

Our Way of Thinking

At thinkBeyond Talent we believe that well known personalities have a position of unique influence in the world, with the ability to use their platform and voice as never before to bring about positive social change. And we believe that talent can dedicate time and effort to social good, while still building a successful career. In fact we believe the two go hand in hand. Having a clear focus on the issues you truly care about not only allows you to be more impactful, but also provides depth and identity to your personal narrative and brand, driving opportunities, and forging links with like-minded commercial organisations that share the same values.

Social purpose can not only be hugely rewarding, but can also drive good business. It is something that more and more brands are realising and talent is no exception.

Our Expertise

thinkBeyond Talent brings together a unique set of individuals and skillsets to provide a completely new kind of talent management and advisory.

As a commercial talent management agency we have over 20 years’ experience in managing some of sport’s most iconic names, working to craft talent careers to provide direction and fulfilment. Our expertise lies in social cause focused narrative creation, positioning and commercial development, delivering long term and rewarding careers that blend good business with positive social change

We are helped in this by our close relationship with sister company thinkBeyond. They are the global experts in providing consultancy and strategy delivery to brands, sports teams, leagues, federations and governments who want to do good business and have a positive impact on society. With their expertise and reach they offer access to an unrivalled global network of brands, businesses, NGOs, sports teams, leagues, federations, governing bodies, host cities, foundations and charities who are engaged in sport for social change. Together with its events and foundation arm Beyond Sport, thinkBeyond have worked with over 30 clients across the world, including NFL, NHL, WWE, IOC, ESPN, BT, EY, Bloomberg, World Rugby, Commonwealth Games Federation, Greater London Authority, Spirit of Soccer, The Change Foundation, and World Economic Forum.

Our network

thinkBeyond Talent is part of the Benchmark group of businesses. This gives us an unparalleled network across brands, agencies, media, governing bodies, teams, leagues, federations and NGOs and allows access to key decision makers across the commercial, media and social cause landscape.

As a group our mission is to combine shared experiences, powerful networks and clarity of purpose. We believe these are the only ways to deliver the value we look for in our organisations and the communities we live in. The result is a family of companies, diverse in nature but powered by a common unifying entrepreneurial spirit, developing communities, uplifting people and shaping purpose driven brands.


thinkBeyond Talent is an established talent management and strategy agency driven by a belief in social purpose. Working with athletes who care about their place in the world, we create narratives, position, and develop commercial opportunities, delivering long term and rewarding careers that blend good business with positive social change.

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thinkBeyond is global agency providing a diverse range of forward-thinking clients with effective and innovative strategies, campaigns, events, content and platforms that use sport as a tool to help improve society and deliver strong business returns. Through its creative and strategic use of sports as a vehicle for companies to do good, thinkBeyond fulfills its clients’ desire to make a difference, to be exceptional and to stand out.

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beyond Sport

Beyond Sport is a purpose-driven business which leverages the power of sport and partnership to drive sustainable social change globally. We are an inclusive industry leader that convenes organizations, businesses and individuals to go beyond geographic, cultural, political and social divisions to create and share best practice on sport-based solutions to help solve key societal issues.

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Sport Industry Group

Sport Industry Group supports business across the sport sector, bringing the industry together through a series of world-class events, leading editorial content and a genuinely unparalleled network of influential figures from across the British and international sporting landscape. We focus on three key pillars: Share, Connect and Celebrate.

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Square Mile Relay

Square Mile Sport is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all through awareness, action and shared memorable experiences that leave lasting positive social impact. Through its flagship global corporate event series, the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, Square Mile Sport uses the power of exercise and social development to empower individuals, build teams and connect businesses.

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National Student Esports (NSE) was established to create the best university esports experience for students in the UK. We believe that esports are a critical part of the university social experience for future generations and endeavour to create a world where players that engage with university esports become more confident and successful as a result.

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Our Values
thinkBeyond Talent is built on six core principles. Principles that drive all of our work and a team that is dedicated to helping you achieve your social and business goals.
Power of the Athlete

Well known personalities have a position of unique influence and can use their platform and voice to make the world a better place.

Shared Value

Business and social objectives are interlinked, so we ensure all our strategies achieve both.

Long Term Careers

We know that life as an athlete after retirement can be difficult. That is why all our strategies are dedicated to providing long term career stability and personal fulfilment.

Best in Class Service Provision

We work closely with our clients and care about their success. That is why we commit to working proactively, collaboratively and imaginatively to achieve the best results possible together.

Tailored Approach

Every individual we work with is different, with different priorities, values and ambitions. That is why we listen and adapt our approach so that we can deliver the results that are personal to you.

Collaborative Working

We know that other organisations can contribute expertise and networks that benefit our clients, and that is why we strive to build strong relationships within the industry and knowledgeable partners in communities worldwide.