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Scotty Lee - Speaking strategy

Activate & Implement
What they wanted

Scotty Lee is the founder and Director of Spirit of Soccer, an NGO that uses the power of the world's most popular game to educate children about the dangers of landmines and explosive remnants of war. The programme is reliant on grants and corporate sponsorship to operate, but having known Scotty for years through our sister company Beyond Sport and knowing his character and storytelling abilities we felt that there was untapped potential to create another revenue stream.

What we did

Drawing on our 20 years experience advising and marketing talent around corporate speaking, we hosted a workshop with Scotty to map out his experiences and create a narrative and themematic structure that would appeal to corporate audiences. This centred around themes such as leadership, creating and inspiring teams, operating under extreme pressure in rapidly changing environments, communication and creating opportunities to allow others to achieve their potential.

What happened

Having created a speech structure and narrative, we developed a marketing pack to launch Scotty to the corporate speaking circuit – targeting speaker bureaus and direct corporate event planners with his biography and themes, testimonials and video footage. Scotty is now available for speaking engagements, and the project has proved a perfect example of how commercial talent management can intersect with social cause and support the continued growth of an award winning NGO.