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Guinness & Will Greenwood

Educate & Ideate
Activate & Implement
What we did

Will is always looking at ways to enhance the way fans engage with rugby, whether this is through his writing, broadcasting or social media delivery. With digital interaction becoming ever more important we met with twitter to understand how he could best develop in this space. We then brought together twitter and a brand synonymous to rugby, Guinness to discuss how the three parties could work together to create unique content around the 6 Nations.

What happened

We secured a partnership deal with Guinness, for Will to create a new fresh approach to their sponsorship of the 6 Nations in the form of the Guinness Greenwood Series to be broadcast via twitter. Drawing from the insight that an increasing amount of people now ‘second screen’ when they watch the t.v. The motivation behind this is to share and validate their own opinions, while consuming the views of peers and ‘experts’ alike. During three England games during the series Greenwood settled in to a pub, alongside 3 other rugby professionals and a live audience to watch the game together. Will went live on Periscope pre-game, at half time and post- game, as well as broadcasting running commentary on Twitter throughout each half. In a European media first, Periscope’s heart emojis were also changed in to the famous Guinness Harp. The campaign won twitter’s award for Best Event Activation of 2018, and has been brought into action again for the 2019 Guinness 6 Nations.