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What we did

Jade is a para-triathlete and marathon racer, winning gold and bronze at the Commonwealth Games 2018 and working towards competing in Tokyo 2020. The ability to cover her training costs and have easy access to a pool and gym is essential to her ability to continue competing at the very highest level. With this in mind we sought out a gym partner that would be able to support Jade on her journey with free pool and gym access as well as financial support.

What happened

We submitted Jade for consideration to the Everyone Active Sporting Champions programme, which every year selects a number of young athletes to support and mentor. Jade was selected to join just two other athletes on the ‘Gold’ tier of the programme, which provides the highest level of financial support, free pool and gym access, as well as the opportunity to mentor the younger athletes on the programme. As an athlete that has overcome disability, injury and been competing on the world stage since the age of 16 she has a wealth of experience to share. Now entering her third Paralympic cycle in only her early twenties she is able to pass on her tips around continuing education while competing, managing finances, health and nutrition and what it feels like to compete at the Games. She is also able to use social media to share her appreciation of the Everyone Active facilities that she has access to, and which form such an essential part of her training.

"It has been great having Jade as one of our Sporting Champions. She is an engaged and passionate member of our scheme and offers guidance and advice to younger athletes without a second thought. She is always professional, eloquent and friendly when sharing her experiences or meeting other athletes. She is a confident public speaker and offers a unique insight into her sport."

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