Tanni Grey-Thompson

"Tanni was beyond wonderful and the feedback has been incredible, please could you pass on our thanks, it was a pleasure to work with her"


"We wanted an energizing, motivational speaker to close our event, drawing together some of the key messages from earlier in our conference – Tanni did exactly that. The audience was totally absorbed in Tanni’s presentation, her story was fascinating and inspirational and I think those present felt privileged to hear this."

City of London Corporation

"I have never worked with any other athlete who is as brilliant as Tanni at delivering on a brief"


"Tanni received a standing ovation before she even got on the stage! Everybody absolutely loved her and it was a huge success. Tanni is a real inspiration to all of us and such a lovely person.  We were all overwhelmed."

Bright Horizons – Awards of Excellence
  • 11 time Paralympic gold medallist
  • 6 time winner of the London Marathon
  • Trailblazing icon of the Paralympic movement
  • UK’s foremost campaigner for disability rights
Values & Focus


  • Equality of access and opportunity
  • Society, community and the power of sport
  • Disability rights
  • Female leadership
  • Family and mentoring
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Adapting to change